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To get in touch simply go to Holt Cemetery in New Orleans, LA on the eve of a full moon.  To make it even easier you can also go on a waxing OR waning gibbous moon, although the ritual may not be at full power.


Starting at Nautical Twilight (the exact moment when the center of the sun’s disk is at 12° below the horizon) begin walking from the eastern entrance to the large oak tree near the center of the cemetery.  It should only take a couple of minutes.  Once you are there you will see several bottles hanging off of the branches.  If there are no bottles then you have missed the time frame and will have to try again. 


Untie the bottle from the branch and fill it with the dirt and sand at the base of the tree.  In the nearby vicinity there is a grave for a sailor who died at sea named Ben Wrigley. His grave is easy to find because it is one of the few granite graves in this part of the potter’s field, but there is no name.


Place the bottle on his gravestone and say out loud “Ben, once again we request your assistance.  Take this message safely to wherey.at as fast as you possibly can.”  Then whisper your message to us into the bottle.  Ben charges $0.50 per message and unfortunately only accepts coins minted before 1942.  Lay the coins next to the bottle.