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    I think you were in the news!

    I•N•S – Flagler Beach, Fl. Sightings have been reported of what seems to be an albino Manatee in the waters off the Atlantic coast of this tourist destination.
    “It was scary” one witness exclaimed. “I kept looking to see if there was more than one” she said. “We were visiting the Gamble Rogers State Park and within minutes we spotted this creature. It was a bit scary at first but then I realized that this animal was just having fun. It seemed to be frolicking in the surf. I was in awe at the majestic beast.”
    Another witness described the aftermath. “Once the thing moved farther off-shore, most of the people lost interest and went about their business. Surprisingly, I saw the creature come back to the beach and it walked onto the sand. It later moved up the beach and stepped into an RV parked near the boardwalk. It was fascinating; I didn’t think they could do that.”
    The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has been contacted. A spokesman for the FWC stated that an investigation will be conducted although there doesn’t seem to be any immediate danger to the public.

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